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  • SIZE (L / W / H): ca.37 / 27 / 6.8 cm Font> font> span> li>
  • WEIGHT: about 1.5 kg Font> font> span> li>
  • RATED SPEED: about 10,000 to 32,000 min-1 Font> font> span> li>
  • POWER: 135 W. Font> font> span> li>
  • PLASTIC BOX: accessories from 243 pieces Font> font> span> li> Ul>
  • COMFORT: Nothing is more satisfying arrival from work and the opening of the garage door via motor for sliding gate with a remote control li>
  • FEATURES: Powerful engine for 180 W door can withstand a maximum load of 600 kg at a speed of 20 cm / sec li>
  • COMPLETE KIT: Motor complete sets from apricancello includes racks 8, 2 lock switches, 2 remotes, 1 infrared sensor, 2 emergency keys li>
  • INFRARED SENSOR: Engine with infrared sensor that reacts in the event of li signal loss>
  • MANUAL MODE: In case of absence of current, this mechanism for motorized garage door has 2 emergency keys for manual opening li> Ul>
  • ????? HIGH QUALITY: high quality aluminum made Access ramps li>
  • ????? STABILITY: Very stable with high load capacity and low weight - only 7.2 kg li>
  • ????? MOBILITY: These loading platforms are space-saving folded are only 117 cm long and 14 cm in height li>
  • sAFETY: the seatbelt with sturdy metal hooks used to protect the vehicle. The wide non-slip surface with holes provides additional support li>
  • ????? VERSATILE: Suitable for everyday use: it is easy to load several bikes and road bikes with this product that supports your favorite routine ul>

  • AUTOMATIC: The regulator of the water pump will automatically start to operate when the pressure is lowered li>
  • FEATURES: The press control measures 15/14 / 22.5 cm, and weighs 1 , 28 kg li>
  • tEMPERATURE: the maximum water temperature of the pressure controller is ca. 55 ° C li>
  • PROTECTION: The type of water pressure regulator has protection class: IP65 li>
  • CURRENT AND PRESSURE: The rated current of the pump pressure controller is 12 a, while the maximum operating pressure is 10 bar li> ul> p>
As low as £999.00

  • Simple Design li>
  • 3 small windows on the front li>
  • separate compartment for newspapers li>
  • Large front door li> Delivery of our products on the islands is not possible. li> ul> p>
  • Max. line pull: 1360 KG
  • Max. current: 145 Amp
  • Motor: 1,2 HP, DC 12 V permanent magnet
  • Gear ratio: 153:1
  • Gearing: Differential planetary
  • Wire rope length: 9 m
  • Weight: 6,5 KG
  • Dimensions: 285 x 105 x 105 mm (L x W x H)
  • Drum diameter: 31,75 mm
  • Control: Wire remote switch + wireless remote control switch
  • With mounting plate and roller fairlead
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