Pump Pressure Water pressure adjustment Automatic Liquid Flow

  • AUTOMATIC: The regulator of the water pump will automatically start to operate when the pressure is lowered
  • FEATURES: The press control measures 15/14 / 22.5 cm, and weighs 1 , 28 kg
  • tEMPERATURE: the maximum water temperature of the pressure controller is ca. 55 ° C
  • PROTECTION: The type of water pressure regulator has protection class: IP65
  • CURRENT AND PRESSURE: The rated current of the pump pressure controller is 12 a, while the maximum operating pressure is 10 bar
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If you need to water pressure at home or in the garden, this automatic pump control will allow you to monitor the pressure in the connected water system. If the pressure in the tubes falls, the control of the pump is automatically activated - and also turns off automatically once the tap has been turned off.

  • the pump control via pressure and flow
  • it turns on and off automatically according to changes in pressure
  • Adjust the pressure
  • simple installation with detailed instructions
  • including
  • Intended for class I devices
  • The controller will start automatically when it is recorded a minimum pressure of 0.8 bar in the pump technical information:
    • Dimensions L / W / H: ca. 15/14 / 22.5 cm
    • Weight: ca. 1.28 kg
    • Specifications:
      • Max. current: ca. 10 A
      • Nominal Voltage: AC 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
      • Maximum working pressure: 10 bar
      • Maximum water temperature: ca . 55 ° C
      • Number of operating cycles: ca. 100,000
      • Protection class IP65
      • Power 1.1 kw
      • Set the initial pressure: 1.5 bar
      • External Thread (input and output): R1 "
      • Cable included
      • Material: plastic Supply:
        • 1 x automatic regulator of water pressure with PSTR04-K cable
        • 1 x multilingual Instructions (EN / DE / FR / ES / IT)


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